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What it would be if drinks had DRM:

"[...] For me, [...], it is just a final point in the DRM-gone-crazy-times. I wouldn´t work for free and equally I think people in the games industry should make their fair buck, but when I think of it, I´ll gladly return the favour of their buisness attitude when they come to mine and invite others to join a tit-for-tat approach of learning from them.

You see, I work in a cocktailbar and there is a constant danger that clients sniff out my reciepes. They could then make my drinks at home and everyone knows that this is a crime and also finances terrorism. Apart from cheesy ads showing families waving to their dad in prison, followed by a "Hard but fair, stealing recipies is a crime" I must resort to licence agreements. So before you get a Bloody Mary you sign an EULA. In case of clients from EA this inevitably must give me right to strip-search them and their pockets to see if they are unlawfully and have pirated food or drinks on them. Of course, liability is also an issue and in 10+ pages I essentially say: "product is sold as it is, if the waiter trips and showers you in red wine, you have 0 claims to make". Occasionally I give a really tasty Drink to R* employees, only it comes in a locked container that wont open.. after 5+ hours of watching their drink they may or may not get a response from customer services urging them to reinstall the drink in another locked container."
— T.rouble / L.A Noire - NVIDIA Forums - Page 9

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